I’m in the midst of writing a fantasy novel. Here is my daily writing routine: Avoid writing for several hours. Decide I need to face the music and write today if I want to be able to live with myself. Brew some coffee. Go on YouTube while coffee is brewing. Pour a cup of coffee. […]

(This is a post I ((try to)) update each season, in order to reflect the changes that Nats Ballpark has made over the offseason. It is current as of July 2016–I finally got the time to update!) I’ve attended several games at Nats Park. Let me share with you some tips I came up with that I know […]

I got my first speeding ticket a couple of months ago for going 39 in a 30. Thing is, the posted speed limit is 35. I decided to go to traffic court to avoid getting a point on my license. I’d like to share my experience to help those who may also be going to […]

Chapter 2 Read Chapter 1 here. I saw it was April 1, 1996. “Whoa!” (1) “April fools!” I was ambberassed. (2) “Don’t you think I am scared.” “Your 18.  You should be able to handel it.” (3) I do not like him.  He put a die on my hat and turned my hair blue!!  I […]

So in my previous post when I was in the early stages of growing a beard, I made the empty promise of writing updates as the beard continued to grow in. I did not follow through on this promise because I’m not talented enough to squeeze out a short piece about essentially nothing. Anyway, I […]

Washington Post Review: Inferno at the Stage Guild Got a little mention in there.

I decided to grow a beard. Why? ‘Cuz I’m a man. Men do stuff like this. I haven’t tried to grow any kind of facial hair beyond some rugged stubble since sophomore year of college, when I had a terrible chin beard that was terrible. Before that, I had a mildly successful time with mutton […]

Introduction Not many writers have shown the natural ability for storytelling that F.J. DiSalvo Jr. did at such a young age.  His early work The Man-Eating Exibit shows a visceral style that relies on bizarre transitions, fragmented dialogue, and only partially sketched out characters in order to convey the story of a man whose very […]